Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forgettable Cuff Links and E.T.

Fewer men wear cuff links these days. I think it's sad because somehow it signifies the decline of the art of fine dressing. But I'm hopeful and so I work on more cuff links. I've done about a dozen of these in the past and they have sold in craft shows and all have been bought by men. I noticed most of these guys were not expecting to find anything on my table and, therefore, surprised -- "Oh, are these cuff links?" They were even more surprised by how inexpensive they were.

I've made more of these cuff links just recently and posted them to my Etsy shop. So I can only hope there are men and women online who would look at these often forgotten but ever so fine piece of accessory.P.S. While in production, I happen to take this shot of a batch of cuff links while waiting for the glue to dry. Looks very E.T!


fairyhel77 said...

wow how beautiful, i love the cuff links xxx

Creative Director said...

Your cuff links are fabulous, I'm not surprised they're selling!

My husband loves to wear them, and I hear they're becoming more popular these days. Good reason to stay optimistic. :-)

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