Monday, May 10, 2010

3 Stones in a Frame Pendant

To celebrate a friend's milestone birthday (Happy 5oth!), I thought I'd make her a pendant. I know I wanted to use purple swarovski crystals. I was sure I wanted to create a piece using silver and 24K gold delicas, so I started working on the stones while I tossed around ideas on how I wanted to complete the piece.

As most of my bead projects progress, I start bit by bit and then proceed with components piece by piece till it feels "right." The stones stayed on my work table for some time before I finally decided to frame 3 stones in a rectangular piece. I managed to shoot the work in progress as I made the "frame" but completely missed out on shooting the completed piece! I was just too excited to wrap the piece in a box to give to my friend. Here are shots as I made the piece.

I started with the desired number of beads in a circle then delineated the corners for the rectangle with herringbone corners.I worked around the rectangle for as many rows as shown. I didn't want to frame to be thicker than needed as I wanted a rigid structure for the pendant.I found it easier to work the piece into 3D by working on one side rather than working in the round. So once I hit the halfway mark on one side, I started with the gold beads for the design and continued on till I had completed one side.
I zipped the straight sides closed and kept the slanted ends open to be connected later as I completed each side. Now work on another side and zipper it shut.After the longer side has been zipped, your can weave the corners together.Complete all sides of the pendant. Finally mount the stones and weave the bail. I just did a simple bail, 4 beads wide, about 16 beads long. For chain, I used a gold filled snake chain with a lobster clasp to complete the necklace.

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