Friday, May 29, 2009

BeadJewelryShopgirl in Handmade Mart!

This is a short post to remind everyone about my show this weekend. I will be with my DC Craft Mafia peeps in Handmade Mart this Sunday, May 31st in Downtown Silver Spring. Find us in Tent #58 (close to CakeLove's store. Yummy!)

The Handmade Mart in Downtown Silver Spring will bring together more than 50 independent artisans and crafters for a one-day show and sale of handmade goods. With hands-on workshops and demos, as well as live entertainment all day long on the music stage, the Handmade Mart promises fun for folks of all ages!

See you there!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

All in a Day's Work!

I had a busy and rewarding day yesterday. I got to make 4 necklaces and 2 earrings. I had a bit of a slow start with a new design - did 3 false starts before I finally got the hang of it - then did a quick trip to the local bead store for some emergency supplies and back to beading again. This is a short post cause I need to get back to work! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh Happy Days!

Sun is out finally out, it's a three day weekend and I'm beading like mad again! I have a show to prepare for and trying to remember all the thousand details to get ready for one. Number one on checklist is make more jewelry! So as I prepare for the beading marathon, let me show you some lovelies that I already do have on hand.

The pendant shown on the left will definitely be hard to part with. I hope no one will want it!

We move on from the art deco look to modern and minimalist with these beaded triangle earrings on long kidney ear hooks! What fun!

Finally, I hope to run into purple-lovers who I'm hoping won't be able to resist this bracelet and earrings set!

I almost forgot! I'll be at the Handmade Mart on May 31st, Sunday in Downtown Silver Spring. See ya!

Monday, May 11, 2009

From the drawing board to reality

Beading is great therapy. It certainly helps me to de-stress from work. But life took a turn and the stress became personal as my husband was diagnosed with cancer. The energies got shifted to him and beads became trivial. But beading still helped to keep my sanity. What do you do when you don't have access to a computer, can't really bring your beading stuff with you and had hours of dead time in the hospital where you really couldn't concentrate but needed to occupy your mind? I turned to coloring triangles. Pages and pages of triangles, I had a box of my son's coloring pencils in my bag, a template of a triangle and I would ease my mind into a mindless mental state and just color those little blocks. Some people looked at me like I was crazy (I still am!). Half the time, the results would be nice, the other half just gibberish. Funny how the mind can go into hypermode and idle at the same time. Mind and No Mind, kind of a thing?Now we are in remission (yay!) and life getting back to somewhat normal - depending on your definition of normal. I took the drawings and started to render these triangle pendants. It's been satisfying to bring these colorings to life. You know what they say about finding some light in life's dark moments. I think about my state of mind then when my purpose was just to color each tiny block. And now the satisfaction I have in finally taking these drawings and creating something tangible, real. And, hopefully, give enjoyment to the person who decides they like the pendants enough to wear them.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Silver Triangle and Onyx Earrings

I tend to take the earrings I make for granted. Probably because I make earrings when I need a mental break. Well, I've done a lot of earrings in the past year (yeah! needed that many mental breaks!). They've all been in hiding in my box of earrings begging to be photoed and shown off to the world after staying in the dark for too long. So I'm going to start introducing them here and in my etsy store one by one. It's their coming out party!

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