Sunday, July 12, 2009

Locked Into Pattern Mode

My style has always been freeform. I was always the type who never stuck to patterns, who never followed instructions to the letter, always improvising to my own specifications. When I started beading, I worked on designs from my head, never drawing designs like other artists, just picked up my tools and worked away and improvised my work as I progressed. I guess it was basically because I was too impatient. I just wanted a finished piece in my hand! Here's a sample of what a freeform bracelet would look like.Well, it seems I've developed some patience. And stepped outside of my comfort zone. Now I'm working on patterns and even worst (?) I lay out my designs first! I would either drawn or design first on a beading software program before I'd pick up bead, needle and thread. It began with the triangle patterns I developed into pendants and blogged about a few months ago. Now I'm finally executing the different patterns I designed for bracelets. Here I gotta say my inspirations came from my beadweaving peeps SandFibers and Time2Cre8, two gracious and highly talented designers.

The black and white bracelet in the photo below is a zebra inspired pattern. I rarely do anything that is animal print inspired - but like I said, I've stepped outside of my comfort zone. The bracelet next to it is a set of swirls. Yes, just swirls. Something that's a bit mezmerizing to look at don't you think? And finally, the bracelet of vibrant blues, purples and greens reminds me of waves or chevrons but in an irregular pattern (hint of freeform there, don't you think?).
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