Sunday, May 24, 2009

All in a Day's Work!

I had a busy and rewarding day yesterday. I got to make 4 necklaces and 2 earrings. I had a bit of a slow start with a new design - did 3 false starts before I finally got the hang of it - then did a quick trip to the local bead store for some emergency supplies and back to beading again. This is a short post cause I need to get back to work! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!


Carol Dean said...

What I wouldn't give for a local bead shop that stocked delicas! Beautiful creations, Regina, as always :D So glad you've found the beading mojo again!

BeadJewelryShopGirl said...

Thank you, Carol Dean. It feel good to be back. My local bead shop is almost 10,000 sq ft of bead heaven! With a newly opened lampwork studio that I'm tempted to start taking lessons in!

Triz Designs said...

me too! would love a bead shop next to my home :-) Those pieces look gorgeous and am so looking forward to seeing more! :-)

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