Friday, May 21, 2010

author's alternations (AA)

One of the dreaded phrases Account Managers, Copy Writers or Art Directors in the advertising world have to hear -- AAs -- especially if they happen more than once (Yep, I was an Ad Exec in a past life). What it basically means is, you are in the final stages of say getting approval on a print ad proof from your client, and Mr. BrainFreeze thinks the headline is "Just not right." and this after he's approved and seen the print ad from the early stages of conceptualization to now when you are just a day away from the magazine print deadline. "Let's go with the other headline instead. That shouldn't be a problem, right." concludes Mr. BrainFreeze -- and everyone in the room just feels like tearing their hair out.

Segue now to my life as a jewelry artist and I'm Mr. BrainFreeze doing the author alterations I so keenly abhorred my clients doing. I have this bead pattern which I just kept changing and changing, over and over again. I have 3 "final" versions of the pattern. And this is only because I remembered to save versions of the "final" pattern.

I kept "tweaking" and "tweaking" (where did this word originate from?) till I forced myself to stop - ENOUGH! I even did one more "tweak" even AFTER I started working on the bracelet.

I have named this pattern KAOS!

Here's the finished bracelet which I will be listing in my Etsy store as a Made To Order Item:
And here are the 3 variations:
#1 - I didn't like the blue here.
#2 - I think the change from blue to beige made the design pop more. Then I hated there being too much orange in the lower part of the design.#3 - so I changed the lower part as you can see!

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Jay said...

Wow i love those bracelets, you definitely have some amazing pieces!
Lancaster Diamond

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