Sunday, February 03, 2013

Beadweaving Calistenics

While I'm mostly a peyote stitch gal, it's nice to get into gear with other bead stitches. There's a whole encyclopedia of bead stitches, techniques, what have you, that one could spend a lifetime just exploring and learning them. Project #5 for my 2013 beading journey is this black herringbone necklace with onyx stones woven in at regular intervals.

The other stitch I exercised with is right angle weave (RAW). It's been years since I've done anything in RAW.  So I turned to RAW guru Shelley Pleines who does gorgeous pieces using metal beads. Her Baby, You're So Square bracelet pattern gave me the inspiration to create this cuff last December, as a gift for a friend of mine who celebrated her son's Barmitzvah. I had given her the bracelet but had forgotten to take some photos and she loaned me the bracelet so I could take this shot.

Hope you bead lovers out there are beading to your heart's content!

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