Monday, January 21, 2013

Beads and the Ladies of Downton Abbey

I've gotten into the habit of beading while I watch Instant Video on my iPad. You'll find an eclectic mix of movies and TV shows in my Amazon Watchlist. Among them is Downton Abbey.  Yes, I've caught the bug and have watched the Crawley family and their household staff going through the trials and tribulations of their very prim and not so proper English lives.

My 4th project of the year was done while re-visiting some of the past episodes in preparation for the start of the new season. It reminds me of the long thin necklaces that the Crawley sisters would wear to dinner - a beaded version, of course, but same long and thin design silhouette. I thought I might call it Lady Sybil since it's red and could represent her "radical" views. She's the youngest so I can clearly identify with that, being the youngest of 4 siblings myself.

So here's Project #4 for my 2013 projects journal. Hope you like it!

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