Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Life In Herbs...and Beads!

The days have been gorgeous and definitely relaxing. I'm enjoying this summer more than the past summers. My herb "garden" (in-a-pot!) has been flourishing that I've been using fresh herbs in my cooking almost everyday. My son was a skeptic at first ("o-oh, Mom's experimenting again.") but he's now convinced that Mom knows best as evidenced by the delicious meals he's eaten!

Let me introduce you to the herb "garden." I've got cilantro (my favorite!), french tarragon, lemon thyme, golden sage, rosemary, lemon balm and greek oregano. I've tied a bunch and started to test drying them. So far looks good.I decided to do some herb vinegars as well. I have rosemary, sage and garlic in apple cider vinegar. I also did a bottle of the thyme and a sprig of oregano in red wine vinegar. I love red wine vinegar. I prefer red in my vinegars and white in my alcohol!

So from the pot to the bottle, here are my babies! Hmmm, wondering what recipes I will use these herb vinegars in.Later this week, I'll do some in olive oil and sunflower or grape seed oil. I haven't decided what concoctions I'll do.

Oh, yes, I do continue to bead. I'm not working on specific projects, more like mental doodling. I'm mostly doing practice work and trying to conceptualize new techniques. Where it takes me would be another adventure!
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michelle said...

That bead bowl in the last photo is GORGEOUS!! May I ask....where would I find the pattern for making such a bowl? Is it from a book? I would love to make a bowl like that (of course not EXACTLY...but similar). Thanks...and I visited your website - you have some really beautiful work there.

dhidesign said...

These are incredible beaded jewelry ideas!

Cristina said...

wow !! lot of work...amazing!!!!

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