Sunday, February 21, 2010


I started a new project the other weekend, playing around with chinese crystal beads. I posted my first attempts on this the last time (click here to read that.). It's interesting to work on the same materials but to come up with as many combinations on technique and color.

My work has ranged from the stringent peyote bezeling technique which requires a prescribed bead count, size and shape to be successful in mounting a crystal on a beaded bezel. Then there's a brick stitch technique, pretty casual but rythmic in its execution. Then there's the devil-may-care freeform peyote technique which pretty much you can do with your eyes closed when picking up a bead and weaving them all together - well, I really didn't close my eyes otherwise I'd risk stabbing my fingers with my needles (I totally hate when that happens!).

Here's some eye candy!


Gini said...

These eye candies are great :)

Lisa Crone said...

Ooh, ahh! These are gorgeous! Makes me want to bead shop!

steufel said...

That's real eye-candy. And these crystals are great! regards Stefanie

sumant said...

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