Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Valerie and now Laura McCabe!

Last week, I went to the Smithsonian Craft Show with the sole purpose of meeting Laura McCabe and seeing her creations first hand (Yes, I'm starting to feel like a groupie). I had my copy of her book, of course, and a crown jewel I had made from one of her bead kits. Laura absolutely rocks! The most down-to-earth kind of a person, we spoke about beadweaving, which she likes to refer to as "stitching" or "stitched." She explains, "For the lay person, it's easier to understand. Weaving makes them think of fabric."

We talked about vintage swarovski crystals. I had admitted that I had bought a stash from an ebay seller who claimed it was vintage and I didn't have an inkling if it was truly vintage or not. I described to her the packaging, that is was 4670 and I think the color was Seal. She goes, "Yeah, that's the grayish-blue color you got." Right, she's got not just the codes memorized but know the colors as well! Well, she gave me more details and it turns out I did get the real deal. She even said she should probably have more information on vintage crystals in her web site. "Or maybe in your next book?" I chimed in!

I felt like I could talk to her the whole day and she wouldn't have minded but she had an endless stream of visitors admiring her jewelry. Rock on, Laura!

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