Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crafty Helper? Crafty Businessman in the Making!

I'm fortunate that I'm never alone when I go to craft shows. I always have my son with me. Why? That's because he has his own craft to sell - origami. My son has been doing origami since he was 5 years old. He has always been fascinated with paper - cutting it, crumpling it and finally discovering the joys of folding. Now at the veteran age of 11, he can do large origami figures from one long sheet of paper or the smallest crane I have seen from a 1cm square piece of paper (click here for my previous post on this). So when I started doing craft shows, he sets his origami table next to mine. It's great moral support to have him by me!


EyePopArt said...

Wow, he is very talented! That's great.

Cozy said...

What a wonderful way to share creativity. None of my children craft but I have a granddaughter that loves to creat with Grandma. I have hope there for a future partner.

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